Wheelabrator Titan Blast Wheel


The Wheelabrator Titan wheel allows for a multitude of possibilities and variations to fit your shot blast machine
The wheel housing is available in many sizes with a wide variety of wheel diameters, and blade lengths to define the perfect wheel for your specific application and production requirements for any wheel blast machine.
The Titan wheel offer includes unique automatic control cage adjustment, indication of blade wear and a optional magna valve for precise control of the abrasive media flow with all wheel blasters. All existing shot blast machines, wheel blast machines & centrifugal wheel blasters cab benefit from the Wheelabrator latest generation blast wheel.



Benefits of the TITAN wheel for your wheel blast machine:

  • It can save you time and money
  • It can improve efficiency by up to 30%
  • It is hassle free
  • It will improve your satisfaction
  • Reduces maintenance and downtime of wheelblasters due to high wear materials

TITAN wheel are commonly used for the following shot & wheel blast machines:

  • Tumblast machines
  • Table machines
  • Hanger Type machines
  • Horizontal Belt machines
  • Roller Conveyor machines
  • Wire Belt machines

Improve your blast performance

TITAN turbines will increase your efficiency by improving the blast pattern, cutting down media consumption, reducing energy consumption and minimising downtime. In turn, this will improve your product quality and quality consistency, reduce production bottlenecks, increase on-time deliveries and improve customer satisfaction.

Improve the lifetime of “Hot Parts”

TITAN turbine parts have been much improved from earlier blast wheel parts. A better quality part will last longer, work more efficiently for longer, reduce maintenance time and machine downtime and therefore reduce your costs and further improve your efficiency, making your customers and your finance teams happier

Reduce maintenance time and cost

TITAN turbines include many features to enable quick and easy maintenance. The “Quick change system” offers optimum accessibility, and the standardisation of the blast housing facilitates maximum flexibility. Maintenance is so easy that you don’t need highly qualified engineers to complete maintenance operations, and you’ll be even more empowered when you see the training and spares support package!

Once again, these features will save you time and money, which means more benefits for you and your customers.

Reduce noise and wear

Increased space between the blast wheel and the wear plate results in lower wear and a reduction in the noise level emanating from the housing, which in turn result in happier and healthier production and maintenance employees.

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11Kw, 18.5Kw, 45 Kw