Findlay Irvine Micro Grip Tester (Portable Friction Tester)


Helideck micro GripTester

  • For use on Helipad, Heli deck, Ship deck
  • Test the friction resistance of surface
  • Adopted as the standard in the industry across the globe. The micro GripTester complies with UK CAA CAP437.


Findlay Irvine Micro Grip Tester (Portable Friction Tester)
Use this Friction Grip Tester on Surfaces such as Helipads, or Ship Decks, Pavement, and Heli deck.

Friciton tester for Purchase.
Rent Micro Grip Tester for Friction testing.

The Helideck micro GripTester is operated by a single person and is driven by a touchscreen display unit. The system simply and easily guides the operator through a full helideck survey in a logical manner. The interface is controlled via the touchscreen and contains all the settings including a complete Help Guide. Once complete, the survey data is output in Excel format where it can be transferred quickly to a USB storage device for transmission and analysis.

Helideck micro GripTester’s light weight, robust construction and reliable performance make it the most deployable push friction tester in the world.
Helideck micro GripTester can be folded away easily, and weighing in at only 23kg can easily be transported or stored making it a simple, efficient one-person operation. It is designed to be quickly and easily split into two lightweight carry cases weighing under 12kgs each, which can be transported by one person as well as placed in the smallest Helicopter hold. This allows the Helideck micro GripTester to be easily transported between platforms or stored compactly in a safe environment.

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