Blast Hose Coupling Safety Lock Pins


  • Must be installed in all blast hose couplings for safety
  • Stops the blast hose coupling rotating and disconnecting
  • HF-CLP1 is the thin type lock pin (Pack of 25)
  • HF-CLP2 is the thick type lock pin (Pack of 25)
  • HF-CLP3 is the nylon coupling spring type lock pin (Pack of 10)
  • HF-CLP4 is the multi-fit spring type lock pin (Pack of 25)


4 Styles of air & blast hose coupling safety clips commonly used

Use on all metal sandblast couplings – air as well as blast couplings. Maximise your protection in the event of coupling failure – use coupling pins and whipchecks.

BlastHose Coupling safety pins/locks prevent accidental or unintentional disconnection or separation of blast hose or air hoses at the couplings

Safety locking pins and safety lock clips are available to suit many sizes of air hose or blast hose quick disconnect couplings

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Thin, Thick, Nylon, Multi-Fit