T100 Tychem QC Respirator Hood Only

SKU: HAT100110

  • Configurable with high velocity impact protection lens
  • Water-tight sealing around all seams
  • Head suspension and hard hat hood options
  • Peel-off lenses


The RPB T100 Series paint respirator is the is the leading cost-effective hood on the market. It’s designed to be durable enough be used multiple times but economical enough that it can be reasonably discarded after use.

Its lightweight and loose-fitting design allows the respirator to accommodate operators’ facial hair and makes it an overall more comfortable alternative to conventional, full-face respirators.

Replacement Tychem QC respirator hood. Hood damaged or caked with overspray? Don’t need to replace the whole respirator – every individual component of the T100 is available as a spare part.

The T100™ provided air respirator, produced from DuPont® Tychem® is a lightweight hood offering unrivaled operator comfort compared to a traditional, tight full-face respirator. The hood likewise ensures the whole head and breeding area of the industrial painter taking out the requirement for a head sock.

The wide edge focal point offers ideal vision to set a reasonable perspective on the activity. The T100 has been intended to be sufficiently vigorous to reuse however economical enough to dispose of after use.

The RPB T100 is a financially savvy, lightweight answer for painting and airless spray painting applications


This hood is especially used in the industrial spray painting and coating industries, but also sees use in a variety of different industries, including, chemical handling, waste management, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and chemical stripping.


  • Configurable with high velocity impact protection lens
  • Water-tight sealing around all seams
  • Head suspension and hard hat hood options
  • Flexible breathing tube for free range head movement
  • Streamlined air flow system to keep operators cool
  • Peel-off lenses



Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
A1. Respirator Hood HAT100110 07-110
A2. Peel-off Lens (Pkt. of 50) HAT100123 07-123
A3. Head Suspension HAT100920 07-920
A4. Head Suspension Brow Pad (Pkt. Of 50) HAT100924 07-924
A5. Optional Chin Strap HAT100926 07-926
A6. Hard Hat HAT1126 07-126
A7. Hard Hat, Clip Adapter HAT100125 07-125
A8. Head Suspension Mount HAT100121 07-121


Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
B1. Breathing Tube HANVT2021 NV2021F
B2. RPB Twist Connect Breathing Tube
B3. Hose Clamp for Breathing Tube HAT100122 07-122
B4. Cold Air Tube (Silenced) HLCCT4040 4000-40
Cold Air Tube HLCCT4001 4000-01
B5. Flow Control Valve HLNV2016 NV2016
B6. Constant Flow Valve HANVT3101 03-101
B7. RPB PX4 AIR PAPR HAP3901G 03-901
B8. PX4 AIR Air Flow Tester HAPPX404091 04-091
B9. Replacement Belt HLNV2022 NV2022

Additional information

Weight 206 kg
Dimensions 9.9 × 30.1 × 24.2 cm

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