Niagara Open Front Water Wash Spray Booths


  • Designed and manufactured to meet the current Spray Booth Standards – AS4114
  • Most booths are customised to individual needs from modular constructions
  • Consists of a full height water curtain
  • Used for spray painting, powder coating and grinding
  • 12 month warranty


The Niagara Water Wash Spray Booth System remains the complete solution to airborne particle filtration. The filter system consists of a full height water curtain which continually captures all particles and sends them through 2nd-Stage Water Turbulence.

All components are constructed from strong, durable materials resulting in a long-lasting, modular and low maintenance piece of equipment. Because of the versatility of this design these booths have been used for Spray Painting, Powdercoating, Stone and Metal Grinding, to name a few.

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