Masterflo Open Front Spray Booths


  • Designed and manufactured to meet the current Spray Booth Standards- AS4114
  • Most booths are customised to individual needs from modular constructions
  • A controlled area for painting and not pumping fumes and overspray all over your workshop
  • Can be supplied in panel form for easy assembly
  • Large filter area with unique overspray handling techniques
  • 12 month warranty


The MASTERFLO Open Front Spray Booth enables you to operate your spray painting process within a controlled environment without pumping fumes and overspray all over your workshop.

The airflow through the work area has been specifically designed to contain and exhaust all solvent fumes, whilst capturing the overspray in a simple yet effective low-maintenance filter system. Constructed from durable materials they are designed to remain modular and relocatable.

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