Electric Deadman Remote Control Kit


  • 12 Volt Electric Deadman Controls
  • Contains all deadman control components in a neat weather-proof box
  • Comes with 5 metre battery cable with alligator clips
  • Comes with response electric deadman handle, 20 metre deadman cable and TwistLok plug connectors
  • A must have for blasting contractors working a long distance from their blast pot or sand blast hopper



Running long lengths of blast hose? Cut deadman response times with an electric remote control.

Standard Remote Control Kit includes:

  • Control box module with TwistLok plug connections
  • 16 feet (5 metre) battery cable with alligator clips
  • Response electric deadman remote control handle
  • 72 feet (22 metre) deadman cable
  • TwistLok plug connector
  • Connects to deadman control valves on blast pot

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