Electric Skid Mounted Vacuum System – Vacuload Series 6

SKU: VAVacuload6E

  • Will vacuum up to 12 ton/hour of garnet
  • Requires 30cfm of air at 120 psi to operate
  • Requires power of 125 amps / 415 volts to power electric vacuum motor
  • 6 Dust Collector Cartridges with filtration area of 126 m2
  • Automatic Reverse Pulse Cleaning


Vacuload 6E is an electrically powered vacuum system for recovering spent abrasive. This vacuum system is the preferred unit in the shipyard industry and is used for vacuum blasting, abrasive waste recovery, or to move large amounts of spent abrasive between locations within a job site. It has a high conveying rate, which makes it ideal for use in shipyards and marine applications.

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Dimensions 6.02 × 2.4 × 3 cm

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