SupaMega Bulk Blaster Blast Machine with In-built AirPrep

SKU: BMS1602TVH1600


  • Specified capacity 160 cu ft / 4500 liters
  • Manufactured by Schmidt to BlastOne unique specifications
  • Garnet abrasive capacity – 23800 lbs / 10.8 tonne
  • 1600 cfm Airprep mounted directly on the front of the MegaBlaster
  • Comes with 2 Thompson Valve metering valves, up to 4 outlets possible
  • Skid or Trailer Mounted
  • Hybrid Bulk Blaster with built-in Air Drier


Trailer mounted Supa-Mega MegaBlaster™ with AirPrep air dryer directly mounted onto the blast tank, saving significant space and increasing production. Up to 4 outlets possible.

SupaMega Blasting systems are the ultimate machine for high production blasting. The 1600 cfm AirPrep is mounted directly onto the front of the blast tank saving significant space and increasing production. This unit has the capability of running for blasting operators simultaneously, which is critical for large highly productive contractors. When using Garnet this 160 cuft blast machine will hold over 10 ton and will allow 4 blasters to blast all day, 8 hour shift.

Bulk pots and bulk blasters are used by sandblasting professionals to maximise their productivity abrasive blasting and coating projects
The cost saving through increased productivity is profound
Eliminating the downtime required to refill a standard blast pot can effectively double the abrasive blasting/sandblasting productivity
It Also Reduces the manual handling of your blasting media as bulk pots and mega pots can be filled pneumatically or with overhead crane
A full 8 tonne capacity Mega blaster/bulk blaster can be completely refilled in under 30 minutes and has sufficient capacity to blast with four sandblast operators the whole day
Bulk abrasive blasting pots are ideally suited to large abrasive blasting and coating projects, where multiple blast nozzles are used concurrently
Standard bulk pots for abrasive blasting equipment have provision for up to 4 to 6 outlets, although it will run efficiently with one sandblast nozzle/sandblast operator

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