Sand & Abrasive Blast Nozzles

Long lasting blasting nozzles are a vital component in an abrasive blasting system. Making sure that your blast nozzle is sized correctly can exponentially increase your blasting productivity and speed. If you’re sand blasting nozzle is too large, the velocity of the air and abrasive mixture will be too low and ineffective for production blasting. If you’re sand blast nozzle is too small, it will not allow sufficient volume of air and abrasive mixture to be able to sandblast efficiently and quickly. Blasting nozzles are normally made with a high-tech ceramic liner. Internal blasting nozzle wear liners are made of materials, so that you can buy different types of nozzles – Tungsten carbide blast nozzle, silicon carbide blast nozzle, silicon nitride blast nozzle and boron carbide blast nozzle.

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BlastOne is a leading supplier of sandblast nozzles to industrial blast and paint companies worldwide.  Our team is able to recommend the best nozzle for your application whether you seek long lasting sini silicon nitride nozzles with a tough polyurethane jacket, tungsten carbide nozzles lasting 100-250 hours, standard silicon carbide or even alumina blast nozzles.

We also offer our blast nozzles in either contractor, medium, or fine threaded options.  Whether you’re interested in trying a new nozzle or simply replace an old favorite, give BlastOne a call and let us ship one out today.


Even a very small increase in blasting nozzle size will result in a very large increase in ‘air and abrasive consumption’. When a sand blast nozzle has worn 1/16” (2mm) larger, it is time to be replaced. Use an abrasive blast nozzle size analyzer kit to check your nozzle regularly (we recommend at least ONCE PER WEEK). You’ll be surprised how much your production decreases with a worn sand blasting nozzle! Wet blasting nozzles & WIN (Water Induction Nozzles) also available


NOTE: Efficiency drops 1.5% for every 1 psi below 100 at the sand blasting nozzle. This means a 14% efficiency drop at 90 psi, 26% efficiency lost at 80 psi and almost half lost at 60 psi. Efficiency goes up as pressure increases. 120 psi improves performance by 30%. Actual efficiency increase/ decrease will vary depending on abrasive type and size, blast nozzle type, size and wear, hose sizes and wear, temperature, moisture content of compressed air, etc. Use a abrasive wet or dry blast nozzle pressure gauge to measure air pressure at the nozzle. Make allowance for increased air consumption due to sandblast nozzle wear, air leaks, breathing airline filter, respirator breathing air and any pneumatic equipment using air from the compressor. A good rule of thumb is to use a compressor twice the capacity of the grit blast nozzle consumption.