Steel Shot Abrasive


  • Steel shot abrasive – manufactured hypereutectoid, metal spheres used in airless centrifugal wheel blast machines to clean foundry castings, surface polishing and shot peening
  • Also used in portable trackblast airless wheel blast machines for concrete floor preparation, blasting ship decks and profiling
  • Quality Steel Shot is Very long lasting
  • Cast Steel Shot Abrasive can be recycled many times
  • Hardness: 40-50 HRc
  • Special, Stainless Steel Shot and High Hardness, Milspec (Military Specification Peening Steel Shot) specification shots available
  • Manufactured to conform to: SAE J444, SAE J827, SFSA 20-66
  • Steel Shot is packed in 25kg bags, drums or bulk bags

What is the correct size steel shot to use:

Industry experts agree that the best size steel shot to use for any given application is the finest grade that will do the work & create the desired outcome & surface finish. If the steel shot abrasive is too course, it can peen & clean too slow, as well as leave excessive or rough surface profile. It is recommended you contact your steel shot supplier.

Why BlastOne is the leading steel shot suppliers:

There are many steel shot manufacturers around the world, but there are no steel shot manufacturers in Australia. BlastOne sources steel shot from reputable manufacturers who have demonstrated consistent high quality & long lasting product over many years. BlastOne has been suppliers of steel shot in Australia for over 30 years.



Steel Shot is highly effective in creating a shot blasting profile free of contamination that causes rust. Used in airless wheel blast machines to clean foundry castings and for surface finishing to impart a more polished surface to metallic objects.

Available Grades:

  • S110 Steel Shot 0.012″ – 0.02″ (0.3 – 0.5mm)
  • S170 Steel Shot 0.0168″ – 0.0284″ (0.42 – 0.71mm)
  • S230 Steel Shot 0.024″ – 0.034″ (0.6 – 0.85mm)
  • S280 Steel Shot 0.0284″ – 0.04″ (0.71 – 1.0mm)
  • S330 Steel Shot 0.034″ – 0.048″ (0.85 – 1.2mm)
  • S390 Steel Shot 0.04″ – 0.056″ (1.0 – 1.4mm)
  • S460 Steel Shot 0.048″ – 0.068″ (1.2 – 1.7mm)
  • S550 Steel Shot 0.056″ – 0.068″ (1.4 – 2.0mm)
  • S660 Steel Shot 0.068″ – 0.092″ (1.7 – 2.3mm)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Skid Size

55lb bag on 2200lb skid

Grit Size

S230, S280, S330, S390, S460, S660

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Steel Shot Data Sheet

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