Lid and Screen Set for Blast Machines and Pots

SKU: P-BM5012

Abrasive blasting hopper lid and mesh screen

    • Lid and Screen Set designed to suit blast pots
    • Hole size 1/8” (3 mm)
    • Screen sieves foreign matter out of the abrasive
    • Lid keeps moisture, rain, dew, etc – out of the blast machine
    • Select the size to suit diameter of your blast pot 12″ 18″ 24″
    • Fit most portable blast machines, made by Schmidt abrasive blasting, Axxiom Manufacturing, clemco




Blast Pot Lid and Screen Set compatible sizes available:

• 12″ (300mm) diameter pot
• 18″ (450mm) diameter pot
• 24″ (600mm) diameter pot

A great way to keep moisture and rain out of your portable blast machine or sandblast hopper is to install a blast pot lid

These are often supplied as a with the blast pot screen which is a preset size mesh to filter out or catch oversize particles, trash, clumped abrasive – so they do not fall into the blast machine.

These are a vital accessory to any sandblasting pot and abrasive blasting system for screening abrasive media, garnet abrasive, coal slag, copper slag.

Many sandblast systems and commercial sandblasting equipment provides blast pot lids and screens as standard equipment.

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12" (1 – 2 cuft pot), 18" (3.5 cuft pot), 24" (6.5 cuft pot)