Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Equipment Buying Guide

UHP Pumps, Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting Units, Robots and Tools

With over 40 years of experience in sales and service of Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) blasting equipment and UHP Water Jetting Units, BlastOne has seen a lot of different types of Ultra-High Pressure Jetting equipment. We trust this article helps you to understand what type of UHP waterjet equipment we recommend for your application.

BlastOne is Australia’s undisputed industry expert in ULTRA High Pressure Water Jetting Systems, we understand sandblasting and Ultra High Pressure water blasting equipment and provide unparallel support from our teams in branch offices across all major centers in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the United States.

Your Application is our Range

From the smallest to the largest UHP machines, BlastOne has the largest range of equipment in-stock and available for sale or for rent Australia wide.

10,000 – 15,000 psi Mid-Pressure Water Blasters & Jetting Units

uhp mid pressure abrasive blasting equipment

This 10,000 psi – 15,000 psi water jet blaster is diesel-powered and high pressure for the removal of marine growth, loose flaking paint, build up of grease, oil and heavy mineral deposits.

  • Quick-Change, Convertible pump
  • 10,000 PSI (700 bar) @ 74 litre/min
  • 15,000 PSI (1035 bar) @ 49 litre/minute
  • 300 litre fuel tank
  • Supplied with 15 metre high-pressure hose and gun
  • Skid or Trailer Mounted
  • Continuous duty rated

Available for hire Australia wide


  • Water Blasting
  • Cleaning of loose coatings, marine growth
  • Water Jetting

20,000 – 40,000 Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Blasters

nlb model 40305d compact skid with 4 point lift equipment

This UHP Waterjet blaster is convertible to any pressure between 20,000 psi upto 40,000 psi. This makes it the ideal unit for any waterjetting contractor, because of its flexibility. This UHP jetting unit is ideal for Surface preparation, Ultra-High Build Coating removal, internal pipe cleaning, grate cleaning and more. This UHP Water Jetting Equipment is run off a Diesel engine and has a 300 litre fuel tank

Ideal for using 2 separate guns or robotic tools

  • 20,000 psi gives 87 litres/minute water output
  • 40,000 psi gives 38 litres/minute water output

Available for hire Australia wide


  • Heavy coating removal
  • Heat exchanger tube cleaning
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Single or dual blasting operators
  • Water Jetting

Specialty Ultra-High Pressure Water Blast Equipment Packages and Systems

specialy units ultra high pressure equipment for blasting sale hire

This UHP Ultra High Pressure Water-Jet Blasting Equipment Package is a ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 special build available in our hire fleet. This system is mounted in a modified shipping container for ease of transport and safety onsite. This unit is ideal for use with 1-2 guns, Deck stripper or Ship-side Crawler unit.

  • 40,000 psi, 34 litres per minute
  • Diesel Powered
  • Zone 2 Rated – ATEX/IECEx
  • Mounted in DNV2.7 container with lifting slings
  • 300 litre fuel tank


  • Multiple Operators
  • Highly productive
  • Hazardous location work
  • UHP Water Jetting

Heavy coating removal

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Robotic / Manipulator Tools for Ultra High Pressure UHP WATER JET Equipment

Making an additional investment to enhance your day-to-day productivity can pay off for years to come. If you can find a cost-effective way inside your budget to increase your UHP Jetting productivity, it can give you a competitive edge when onsite.

If you are going to be doing surface preparation work with your ultra-high pressure waterjet blaster, then you should consider using a robot or a semi-robotic tool to increase your productivity & enhance your UHP Pump capability.

uhp spin mower cleaner pressure washer

40,000 psi Deck Mower

The UHP ‘Mower’ is used for the rapid removal of old coatings and rust from ship decks, tank floors, and concrete floors using 40,000 PSI water.

Can also be used for scarification of concrete. Includes vacuum port for connection to vacuum source.

  • 400mm Cleaning Width
  • Requires 50 CFM Air Supply for Nozzle Rotation
  • Available for hire Australia wide
vertidrive m4 robot ultra high pressure equipment blasting equipment automated

40,000 psi VertiDrive M4 UHP Robot

The VertiDrive M4 Water Jetting Robot is held to the surface by very strong magnets, enabling the crawler to attach to the decks, sides, and bottoms of ships; walls, floors and roofs of tanks, and any other large flat surfaces. The unit is remote controlled by an operator from up to 100M away. A vacuum port enables the connection of an external vacuum source to remove the water and debris. Rated for up to 40,000psi

  • 400mm Cleaning Width
  • 75mm Vacuum Connection
  • Low Voltage Electric Drive System
  • VertiDrive option also available for Abrasive Blast
  • Available for hire Australia wide
nlb vacuum attached crawler blasting machine ultra high pressure sale hire

40,000 psi NLB Vacuum Attached Crawler

The NLB SRT-10W UHP Crawler is held to the surface by vacuum. This means that this tool can be used on all flat surfaces including steel, aluminium, and concrete. The unit is remote controlled by an operator from up to 100M away. The connected vacuum source removes all water and debris – leaving the surface clean and dry ready for repainting. Rated to 40,000 psi.

  • 250mm Cleaning Width
  • 100mm Vacuum Connection
  • Requires 20 CFM air supply for drive system and nozzle rotation
  • Available for hire Australia wide


Increase your productivity with a Rotating Lance.

When you blast with ultra-high pressure water jetting you can increase your performance by using a rotating lance gun that gives you a wider blasting pattern, because they have multi-orifice heads.

UHP rotating lances use an air-driven motor that drives the nozzle assemblage. To use these rotaing lances a Bi-Mode™ valve and a composite hose assembly is required.

Bi-Mode™ valves let multiple operators run lances from a single UHP pump.

rotating uhp lances and guns for ultra high pressure blasting wants abrasive

Rotating UHP WaterJet Lances and Guns

  • up to 3,000 rpm variable speed rotation for high production blasting
  • A very extensive range of rotating heads can be used for different applications, including stripping Beams (I&H Beams) and inside corners
  • Designed for fast maintenance in the field
  • Dual-trigger controls for operator safety
  • Automatic water pressure dump to lower pressure when gun trigger is released
  • 30% higher production rate than other guns in the industry.
uhp bi mode valves ultra high pressure parts

UHP Bi-Mode Valves

  • Automatic water pressure dump to lower pressure when water jetting gun trigger is released
  • Allows you to run multiple operators and multiple guns
  • Can drastically increase UHP blasting productivity
  • In-Field 60 second cartridge replacement features
  • Can switch from 1-lance to 2-lance blasting with a simple nozzle alteration
  • A composite hose kit is needed to connect a rotating lance to a Bi-Mode valve.
ultra high pressure waterjet hoses and parts sale suppliers

Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Hoses

  • In-Stock hoses with Metric and imperial threads to suit all brands of UHP Pumps
  • All Hoses come with at least a 2:1 pressure safety factor
  • Inner core is sure flow guaranteed to minimize pressure drop
  • Constuction – spiral-tensile wire for additional strength
  • High Kink Resistance
sapphire and diamond nozzles ultra high pressure uhp equipment buying guides

Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Nozzles

To actually get water coming out of a nozzle at 40,000 psi is really expensive, so when it gets there, its important to use the best nozzle to do the job.

Sapphire & Diamond Nozzle

BlastOne Ultra-Jet Blast nozzles have a special micro-chamber behind the actual nozzle that do more work then other nozzles.

  1. Reduce pulsation of the water to get your operator a consistent flow and working pattern
  2. Smooth out the working water so the operator can stand further from the surface and get higher productivity

The office is made up of sapphire and diamonds and tested to a very tight tolerance, then encased in stainless steel, to ensure you get the productivity you need  on every jobsite.

Nozzles are designed for use at 40,000 psi.

tst protective waterjet clothing suits pants boots uhp

TST WaterJet Protection Clothing

We have a complete assortment of personnel protection equipment for water jetting, water blasting and hydro demolition at High and Ultra High Pressures (HP and UHP). Our range has been developed to offer the best possible comfort, and at the same time protecting from water jets from 7000psi up to 3000 bar/43,500 psi. We stock Trousers, Jackets, Gaiters, Hand Protections as well as Helmets & Hose protectors.

Available for Rental or purchase

Common Accessories Rented along with a Dust Collector

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