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Quick Shutdown Can Save Your Life

When you let go of your deadman handle accidentally, how long will the pressure be there?

Even with the deadman system there to stop the supply of abrasive, the whole system needs to de-pressurize before the abrasive actually stops.

With 60 metres of pressurized blast hose attached, this could take some time and can continue to cause damage or injury while it empties.

An ASAP System can ensure you are safe – even with a long length blast hose. The ASAP System responds immediately and cuts off all pressure at the nozzle.

How does it work?

When the deadman handle is released, it triggers the ASAP safety system – instantly dumping the blast hose pressure back out through a full bore 38mm mufflered opening.

The whole system is de-pressurized in less than one second.
Rapid shutdown is most important, especially when you are working in confined spaces such as ship hulls and blasting in tank enclosures.

The ASAP Safety System is available as a factory built option or as a retro-fit kit to go on existing equipment. Any size blasting units can be fitted, even large bulk blasters and fixed blast room machines.