Thompson Valve 2 Repair Kit

SKU: GV215200099

  • Repair Kit for Thompson Valve 2
  • Complete Repair kit for Thompson Valve 2 including the Tungsten Carbide Plunger
  • Schmidt abrasive blasting/Axxiom Manufacturing part number 2152-000-99


This kit includes the Tungsten Carbide Plunger and Sleeve as well as a complete set of Seals, O-rings and Gaskets for servicing a Thompson II Abrasive Metering Valve.
This kit is used for a major rebuild of the Schmidt/Axxiom Thompson valve II grit metering valve
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What is a Schmidt Thompson II valve? 
The Schmidt Thompson valve is a commonly used sand blasting valve for abrasive blasting machinery and sandblasting robots which meter the grit blast sand or abrasive blasting into the high pressure air stream
with infinitely variable flow of sand blast abrasive the sandblaster can achieve the optimal grit blasting speed with the commercial blasting equipment
it is recommended that sand blasting machine repair parts should be kept available to minimise downtime whether you are using a sand blast pot in an open environment or in a custom blast rooms
the Schmidt sand metering valve can be used on mega blast pots, slurry blasting systems and industrial sand blast equipment

Additional information

Weight 922 kg
Dimensions 5.6 × 14.2 × 28.3 cm