Thompson Valve 2 Base Nipple 1-1/4″

SKU: GV215200015

  • Base for Thompson Valve 2
  • Replacement 1-¼ Base Nipple for Thompson Valve 2
  • 2152-000-15 Schmidt abrasive blasting equipment / Axxiom Manufacturing part number


Replacement Hardened Pipe Base for Thompson II Abrasive Metering Valve 1¼ 

BlastOne recommends holding hardened pipe base for Thompson valve series to miser valves on hand to minimise downtime. BlastOne keeps a large inventory of abrasive blasting and sand blast guns at a location near me, including MBX bristle blasters, wet blast machines, slurry blasters, vapour blasting equipment and blast room dust collectors

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 12.9 × 7.1 × 5 cm