tetraCORE™ WaterJet Nozzle


The biggest revolution in Water Jetting!

New precision engineered material grade tetraCORE™ for optimised productivity and reduce operating cost for water jetting projects.

Experience 10-15 times longer life than sapphire nozzles! tetraCORE™ nozzles ensure:

  • Up to 60,000 psi operating pressure
  • Zero ID edge degradation over use
  • Premium jet stream coherency & integrity
  • Optimised jet stream length and consistency
  • Maximised uptime and productivity
  • 100% testing of all nozzles prior to shipping


Material Grade tetraCORE™
Precision engineered to offer ultimate performance consistence, tetraCORE™ is a tetrahedrally bonded material that resists erosion, chipping and fracturing to decrease down time, optimise productivity and reduce operating cost. tetraCORE™ approaches the hardness and wear resistance of diamond, at an affordable price point, allowing you to go the distance with your production without costly downtime when changing out unreliable orifices.

Water jet stream comparison on a ship cleaning application to remove two-part epoxy and silicon coating.

tetraCORE™ nozzle after 6 days of double shifts
Sapphire nozzle after less than one shift

tetraCORE vs sapphire usage comparison

Lifetime Comparison

This graph shows the lifetime comparison depicted by elapsed time in hours of a sapphire nozzle and tetraCORE™ nozzle. tetraCORE™ has 10 x the life of sapphire.

Graph showing tetraCORE vs sapphire lifetime comparison

Performance Versatility
Align orifice performance to job performance needs.
dti™ offers standard blast nozzle assemblies with your choice of orifice material. For unbeatable lifetimes and optimum performance consistency, tetraCORE™ orifices minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

Quality that Blasts Away Industry Norms
dti™ manufactures standard waterjetting nozzles with the highest quality materials and precision machining techniques in the industry. Each nozzle is equipped with heat treated, stainless steel mounts, aerospace grade titanium retainers, and 100% quality inspection.
Every step dti™ takes above standard quality norms, ensures:

  • Maximised nozzle life
  • Consistent jet stream profile and coherency
  • Reduced downtime
  • Superior blasting performance
  • Optimised productivity

Additional information

Product Type

3/8” – 24, 7/16" – 20, M10, Mushroom