RPB T-Link Painting Respirator Hood

SKU: HAT1711112S

  • RPB T-Link Respirator with Tychem QC Hood, Safety Lens
    • Full face, airfed respirator
    • Tychem QC Tyvek Hood
    • Bump Cap and Safety Lens
    • Comes with constant airflow valve
    • Large viewing window with exceptional downward and peripheral vision
    • Soft, breathable inner-bib and extra tuck-in collar
    • RPB Part #: 17-111-12-S


The RPB T-Link Paint Respirator is a painting hood designed for optimum comfort and visibility for painting contractors. The hood is designed to turn with the operator’s head, and its large visor enables excellent downward and peripheral vision while wearing the hoods, while the fixed lens frame prevents the lens from rubbing up against the operator’s nose. The T-Link also features a ratchet-adjustable padding system to ensure a secure, evenly balanced fit—making it feel lighter and eliminating pressure points on the operator’s head.


This respirator is typically used to protect and provide clean airflow to a painting contractor in an industrial coating or painting setting. It can also be fitting with cooling air systems to ensure maximum operator comfort while on the job.


  • Securely attached hood to prevent it from blowing up off the operator’s head
  • 2 types of head protection: Bump Cap and Hard Hat
  • Full visor frame to prevent the lens from hitting operator’s nose
  • Soft breathable inner bib with draw cord
  • Long tuck-in collar for extra protection and upper body airflow
  • Simple breathing tube attachment via Swivel Inlet fittings
  • Helmet padding with ear protect and ratchet adjustment
  • Two varieties: Dupont Tychem QC and Dupont Tychem SL materials
  • Optional ANSI Z87+ Safety Lens
  • Communication system upgrades available




Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
1. T-LINK Respirator Hood See Below See Below
2. T-LINK Lightweight Helmet Shell HAT17511 17-511
3. LINK System Hard Hat Helmet Shell HAZ16511 16-511
4. LINK System Jaw HAZ16514 16-514
5. T-LINK Lens Clips (Left and Right Pair) HAT15512 15-512
7. LINK System Impact Absorber HAZ16521 16-521
8. LINK System Comfort Pad HAZ16522 16-522
9. LINK System Head Harness Bracket and Air Director HAZ16525 16-525
10. LINK System Head Harness HAZ16531 16-531
11. LINK System Ratchet Adjuster Assembly HAZ16530 16-530
12. LINK System Head Harness Brow Pad HAZ16526 16-526
13. LINK System Side Padding System HAZ16520S 16-520-S
14. LINK System Side Padding Frames HAZ16527 16-527
15. LINK System Foam Side Pads HAZ16528 16-528
16. LINK System Breathing Tube for PX4 AIR PAPR HAZL04835 04-835
LINK System Breathing Tube for Supplied Air HANVZ830 04-830
17. PX4 AIR PAPR and Belt HAP3901G 03-901
18. PX4 Air Flow Tester HAPX404091 04-091
19. Constant Flow Valve Assembly HANVT3101 03-101
20. C40 Climate Control Assembly and Belt HLCCD3501 03-501
21. Belt HLNV2022 NV2022
22. T-LINK Tear-Off Lenses HAT17811 17-811
23. Quiet-LINK Helmet Earmuffs HANVZ18533 18-533


Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
Standard Hood, Standard Lens HAT17712 17-712
Standard Hood, Safety Lens HAT17712S 17-712-S
Chemical Resistant Hood, Safety Lens HAT17713S 17-713-S

Additional information

Weight 1560 kg
Dimensions 29 × 36.5 × 27.5 cm

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