RPB GX4 Gas Monitor for Carbon Monoxide


  • The GX4 can monitor upto 4 different gasses simultaneously
  • Comes with 10ppm Carbon Monoxide Cartridge
  • Comes with AC electric adapter and cord.
  • Comes with air hose which plugs straight into the breathing airline filter


Unique data logging unit which tracks and records previous 2 years CO Levels and alarms. Additional Cartridges are available for the following gases – Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide and Oxygen. Replaceable gas detection cartridges last up to 2 years. Monthly calibration checks are necessary. Calibration kits are available. Calibration of cartridges is not possible.


Additional information

Weight 2492 kg
Dimensions 11.8 × 53.6 × 27.1 cm

Document Downloads

GX4 Gas Monitor DataSheet

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