Mist Blaster For Wet Abrasive Blasting


  • Versatile capability – Dustless Vapor or Dry, Washdown and Blowdown
  • Pot capacity 6.5 cu ft / 184 litres
  • Blast pressure ranging from 75-150 psi
  • Single Outlet with Tera Valve XL metering valve
  • Has secondary wheels to ease transportation


BlastOne International has now added mist blasting systems or commonly known as dustless vapor blasters to their product range. Mist blasting technology is an environmentally safe and cost-effective surface cleaning method that quickly removes protective coatings, oxidization and graffiti. Mist blasting uses a mixture of compressed air abrasive and water to suppress dust in a method that uses less water than older technologies. Commonly known as vapour blasting, wet slurry blasting, dustfree blasting – but technology & equipment brands of wetblast equipment vary widely in productivity & amount of water used in the wet blast process. The more water used in the wet abrasive vaporblasting process, the more there is to clean up & to contain.

The advantages of mist blasting include:

  • Reduced airborne dust – By mixing water with the abrasive airborne dust particles are reduced by up to 90%.
  • Less requirement for containment – Due to the lower dust levels some jobs can now be done with little or no containment providing large cost savings.
  • Flexibility to be used as a dry or wet blaster – Some models of the mist blaster can be used for dry blasting as well as wet blasting. This reduces a contractor’s capital investment by having a machine with the dual capabilities

BlastOne mist blasters have 4 modes: – wet and dry blasting, wash down and blow down. In addition to the advantages of mist blasting the Schmidt system will still offer the benefits of their dry systems good ergonomics, high performance and long-lasting construction.

Additional information

Weight 225000 kg
Dimensions 144 × 85 × 100 cm

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