MicroValve 1 Replacement Seals Kit

SKU: GV212510098

  • Seals Kit for MicroValve III
  • Replacement Seals Kit for Old Style MicroValve
  • Schmidt abrasive blasting equipment/ Axxiom Manufacturing part number  2125-100-98


Replacement parts kit for MicroValve III Abrasive Metering Valve. Seals Only.
MicroValve – Seals Kit
this microvalve repair kit includes all the seals in the Schmidt microvalve in Axxiom micro valve
BlastOne supplies will spare parts to repair Schmidt abrasive blasting sandblast hoppers and blasting cabinets – along with sand blast rooms, crushed walnut shell for blasting, glass beads, impact spheres, sandblasting pots and garnet abrasive

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Weight 45.3592 kg
Dimensions 27.94 × 13.97 × 3.81 cm