Bench Booths


  • Fully compliant with all Australian regulations
  • Exhausts at a rate of 0.5M/second
  • 2 Standard widths – 1 metre and 2 metre
  • Uses Andreae filters to capture overspray


The MASTERFLO Bench-Type Spray Booth is a unique solution to small parts spray painting. They can be designed to suit a range of uses whilst containing all fume and over-spray to a small area of your workshop. It is amazing what can be achieved in any size workshop while complying with the regulations.

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Dimensions 0.4 × 1.07 × 2.2 cm

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Bench Booth DataSheet


“We are very happy with the MASTERFLO System and the filter walls.

Ever since we have installed them, the designated paint area has a much better air quality. The atomised overspray paint is not hanging around and we don’t have clouds of mist, especially when painting two pack finish coating. The performance of the system is exceding our expectation, it worked trouble free for the last 5 years and is practically maintenance free.

We brush down the filter elements a few times per year, clean out the element boxes and replace the filters once a year. The filters surprise me the most, the are very efficient and last surprisingly long. The exhaust fans also working very well and so far, we had no problems. Overall, the system has been a big improvement to our OH&S, efficiency and quality of painting.

As a summery, we are very happy with the product and BlastOne as the supplier. Their intimate knowledge of paint boots design, helpful approach and general very good professional customer service helped making this project a very successful undertaking.

I have no reservation to recommend their product to anyone in the industry.”

– Production Director, conveying solutions company, Victoria

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