Magna Valve Steel Shot Control Valve

SKU: WHEL999314

VLP-24 MagnaValve – Shot Control Valve, 200-1000 Lbs flow rate, no sensor, 2.5″ high 24 Vdc


VLP-24 MagnaValves for Wheel Blast Machines

If you are looking for a simple way to control you steel shot flow, without any moving parts, look no further than the Magna Valve from BlastOne

The Magna Valve is a magnetic abrasive metering valve, used to meter steel shot into your Wheelabrator shot blast wheel. The Magna Valve can retrofit other shotblasters, including Tilghman, Pangborn, Gibson, Granowski, Pan Abrasive, Godfrey blast cleaning, Godfrey Howden, ABS, Cogeim, Pangborn Europe, Spencer & Halstead, Tosca & Gostol TST

The MagnaValve lessens work, media and electricity costs while adding control and unwavering quality to impact cleaning and shot peening. The MagnaValve is the perfect change out valve for shot control valves.