Decontamination Shower Trailer – 4 Showers


  • Suitable for lead paint projects with 6-20 men
  • Has four showers, an airlock and larger change room.
  • Has separate ‘Dirty’ entrance chamber and ‘Clean’ exit chamber
  • Waste water filtration system and hot and cold showers
  • A/C and heating Systems
  • ‘Dirty’ room has HEPA (lead rated) negative air filtration


Large decontamination trailer with four showers, an airlock and larger change room. Suitable for projects with 6-20 men.

Water and power specifications…

  • Water Connection – 3/4″  / 19 mm
  • Electrical Connection 220v single phase

Purpose behind decontamination of personnel

The chance of exposure to dangerous substances is high when blasting existing coatings. Decontamination allows the worker to remove contaminated clothing and wash thoroughly before leaving site. This reduces the chance of a worker carrying home toxic dust. Decontamination is also crucial prior to meal breaks.

Decontamination Process

Workers shower and change clothes when leaving the containment area on a hazardous site. The Worker enters the decontamination trailer where they remove all potentially contaminated clothing (shoes, jackets, pants, etc.). Contaminated clothing is collected for disposal. The worker then continues into the wash-down area. Finally they will enter the locker room where they can put on clean clothes and exit the trailer.

Extra Details

  • Water Connection – 3/4  / 19 mm
  • Electrical Connection 220v single phase

Additional information

Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions 7 × 2.2 × 2.6 cm

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