NLB Bi-Mode Valve (Refurbished))


The field repairable NLB8488 can significantly improve UHP system productivity. It uses a quick-change cartridge valve that is similar to NLB 286 series lances and foot controls. User-friendly features include:

  • 60-second cartridge replacement
  • Switch from 1-lance to 2-lance operation with a simple nozzle change
  • Rounded frame for easier carrying

Hose assembly is required to connect a rotating lance to a Bi-Mode valve.

Note: This Bi-Mode Valve has been reconditioned and includes a 90 day warranty.


The NLB Bi-Mode valve is an integral component of many of our UHP water blasting tools.  It performs multiple roles.  First and foremost it is a “dump” valve, that when actuated, directs the flow of high pressure water to the tool.  Once the trigger on the tool is released, the valve on the Bi-Mode opens, and the pressure in the hose between the tool and the valve returns to near zero.  An added benefit of this is that it can reduce the flow of excessive water directly into the workplace by dumping unwanted water in a remote location.  But, in addition to being a dump valve, it is also a Multi-Gun Valve.  Once correctly configured, multiple Bi-Mode/tool stations can be run from a single pump.