Wheel Blasting Systems

Animated details of a BlastOne Wheel Blasting System. Contact BlastOne for pricing and details or for a customized solution for your particular needs.

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How To Properly Ventilate Enclosed Blasting & Painting Jobsites

In this week’s Primed Insight, Gavin explains the 4 Principles and 3 Rules to adhere to when ventilating an enclosure. He’ll also give tips on how to properly ventilate a storage tank with a single manhole on top as the only egress.

Considerations when choosing an air spray gun

In this week’s Primed Insight Gavin explains why purchasing a slightly more costly gun can actually save you time and money.

Considerations When Choosing An Industrial Air Spray Gun

In this week’s Primed Insight, Gavin explains three areas of consideration industrial painters should weigh before wasting money on a big box hardware store air spray gun.

Schmidt Bulk AmphiBlast for Rental

The Schmidt Bulk AmphiBlast™ , available to rent from BlastOne, combines the features of a MegaBlaster and dustless vapour abrasive blasting. It has a super large capacity that allows 2-4 blasters to blast for 8 hours each without stopping to refill the blast pot. The AmphiBlast allows blasters to operate independently of each other to […]