Wheel Blasting Systems

Animated details of a BlastOne Wheel Blasting System. Contact BlastOne for pricing and details or for a customized solution for your particular needs.

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BlastOne Innovation Hub Q & A with RPB Safety

BlastOne caught up with Tim Jones from RPB to chat about current business practice, innovation, new products and ask questions submitted by our customers.

Graco XTR7+

The new self-locking needle assembly of the Graco XTR7+ breaks down for cleaning or rebuilds without the need for cumbersome tools. The appearance of the XTR7+ reflects the Xtreme Duty Hose included, providing confidence that hose to tip are rated to 7250 psi maximum working pressure. Combine all of this with multiple Graco XHD RAC […]

The Body Light

In this week’s Primed Insight, Jim highlights and demonstrates the ruggedness of the Western Technology BODY LIGHT; The first (ETL certified) explosion proof, rechargeable, battery powered, portable LED work light in the world!

Vacuum Blast Challenge

In this week’s Primed Insight, Gavin and our rental shop attempt the Vacuum Blast Challenge. Can a Schmidt MiniBRS – with 185cfm (no electricity) vacuum with more than 50 feet of hose draped over a 25ft (8m) high wall? Let’s find out!